School hours are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Sessions begin in September and run through May.

Trinity Lutheran School was organized by a group of German immigrants from the kingdom of Prussia in 1870. During the lumber boom in Manistee County in the 1890’s, the school enrollment reached a high of 292 students. A new brick building was built on the same site in 1911 to replace the old frame building. During the period after W.W. I, the practice of teaching in German was diminished with the final transition to teaching in English made in 1934.

The roots of the present Parent-Teacher League were begun in 1944 with the Parish-Teachers Association. The kindergarten was begun in 1954 and the preschool program was added to the school in 1975.

The present school was relocated to join the new church in 1965. Today the school has an enrollment of nearly 70 students in preschool through eighth grade, and students have built a good reputation for the school through the many years of its existence.

The Purpose and Goal of our Christian Day School

Trinity Lutheran School aims first to serve God's children by leading them to experience and
know their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; secondly, to assist parents in the secular and spiritual training of their children; and thirdly, to support the church, community, state and nation in its missions and endeavors of concern for fellow men.

Our school does not exist in opposition to the local public schools, whose work we respect, but rather for the purpose of offering a Christian education which the public school, by its very
nature, cannot provide.

God has set high standards for the education of our children and Trinity Lutheran School
represents an effort to meet these high standards.