Lynne Gatz - Director and Lead Teacher

I believe strongly in a preschool education that enhances a child’s life in the present and beyond. I have a passion for teaching young children and guiding them using Biblical principles. I am qualified with a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, along with being a certified Michigan elementary school teacher, with a ZS endorsement. I possess ten years of teaching experience primarily at the early childhood level.

As a second career teacher, I have previously worked in the corporate world as an executive secretary. I acquired my Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Michigan University. Although I enjoyed the structure and organization of the business world, I grew burned out and followed a “calling” to become a teacher.


Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Center is a Christ-centered learning center, designed to enhance the natural abilities and talents of its students. In an early childhood development setting, children have a chance to explore the world around them through hands on experiences.  A variety of materials and activities are provided for this purpose; active group games to exercise and define large muscles; puzzles and small toys to develop small motor skills; blocks and housekeeping areas to provide occasions for replaying life situations; handicrafts, art and music to offer a basis of esthetic and cultural experiences and much more to further broaden the base of each child’s experience.

It is our belief that a wholesome learning experience, combined with Christianity, will provide a child with added richness.  Not only are his/her emotional, psychological, social and physical needs recognized, but also his/her spiritual needs as well.